Unidades de las FALN atacan las principales corporaciones yankis en Nueva York



New York City, USA, 26 de octubre de 1974

Unidades de las FALN asumen el ataque contra las principales corporaciones estadounidenses en Nueva York. Una acción realizada para conmemorar el levantamiento del 30 de octubre de 1950 contra la dominación colonial yanki de Puerto Rico.

Fuente: Toward Peoples War. For independence and socialism in Puerto Rico. In defense of Armed Struggle


OCTOBER 26, 1974.

Communique No. 1.

Today, commando units of FALN attacked major Yanki corporations in New York City. These actions have been taken in commemoration of the October 30, 1950 uprising in Puerto Rico against Yanki colonial domination. These bombings are also to accent the seriousness of our demands for the release of the five Puerto Rican political prisoners, the longest held political prisoners in the hemisphere::
Oscar Collazo, Lolita ebrun, Rafael Cancel Miranda, Andres Figueroa Cord and Irving Flores, and the immediate and unconditional Independence of Puerto Rico.

The corporations that we bombed are an integral part of Yanki monopcapitalism and are responsible for the murderous policies of the Yanki gove ment in Puerto Rico, Latin America, and against workers, peasants and Indios throughout the world. It is these corporations which are responsible for the robbery and exploitation of Third World countries in order to make greater profit all increase their capital. They are the ones which often decide who shall govern countries, who shall live and who shall die.

For these reasons these corporations and the criminals who run them are t enemies of all freedom loving people, who are struggling for self determination and the right to decide their own destinies.

We, the guerilleros of the FALN, have undertaken these bombings, not only against the presence of the yanki corporations in Puerto Rico, but as part of the international workers revolution. and all people fighting for national liberation.

These actions, along with bombing of major department stores, for three consecutive days in late spring, and the dynamite blasts at Newark Police Headquarters and City Hall, demonstrate what we have said since 1969, that the Puerto Rican people organizing and arming in order to form a Peoples Revoltionary Army which will rid Puerto Rico of yanki colonialism. We have opened two fronts. One in Puerto Rico the other in the United States, both nourished by the Puerto Rican people and allies within North America. We are not pure militarists. Therefore we do not oppose those parties or people who believe in mass organization. However, to be truly revolutionary, a party must educate and organize the masses for the seizure of power by way of organized and disciplined vehicle, a Peoples Revolutionary Army. A party whit fails to do this falls into reformism and becomes an agent of the bourgeoisie for the continued exploitation and oppression of the people.

The importance of a Peoples Revolutionary Army is that it arms the masses,. and produces cadres to lead the masses to victory and the development of a Marxist-Leninist Party, tried and tested under fire, which will educate and organize the people for the construction of a socialist society.

Finally, the FALN supports the demonstration, at Madison Square Garden on Oct. 27, in support of the independence of Puerto Rico. We view this as a significant step in the formation of an anti-imperialist front, in the United States,; which will support and fight for the national liberation of Puerto Rico, and educate the American people to the murderous and genocidal policies of the yanki capitalists throughout the world.

Long live free Puerto Rico.

Long live the unity of all people in struggle against imperialism.