Comunicado Nº 4

APRIL 2, 1975.


The FALN takes responsibility for the bombings of Yanki corporations in New York on April 2, 1975. These corporations are at the heart of Yanki imperialism. They are important decision makers in the planning of domestic and foreign policy and benefit from the exploitation and oppression of Puerto Rico and other third-world nations as well as the north american working-class. While the working-class throughout the capitalist world suffers from recession and sinks deeper into poverty, the profits of these conglomerates continue to grow.

These actions are the continuation of an offensive aimed at gaining tie independence of Puerto Rico and the release of five political prisoners, Lolita Lebrun, Rafael Cancel Miranda, Andres Figueroa Cordero, Irving Flores, and Oscar Collazo.

We are especially concerned with the release right now of Figueroa Cordero who is dying of cancer. His death in prison will result in grave consequences for the Yanki Capitalist class. The bombing of the Anglers Club; an exclusive millionaires club that boasts of members like the Rockefellers, was a retaliatory attack against that sector of the North American ruling-class which is directly responsible for the actions of the C.I.A. and for the wave of repression which is being murderously implemented in Puerto Rico.

Our attack on January 24, 1975 was not in anyway directed against working class people or innocent North Americans. The targets of our attack were bankers, stock brokers, and important corporate executives of monopolies and multi-national corporations. These are not friends of the working people. But the enemies of humanity everywhere.

The bomb attack in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico was the most vicious of the 160 acts of C.I.A. terror in the last two years against the Puerto Rican people. The enemy has to resort to fascist terror because tine contradictions in colonial Puerto Rico are being unmasked so rapidly that the only way they believe they can control the people is by instilling fear by the use of force.

To the FALN the issue is very clear; at no time can we allow an attack by the enemy upon our people to go unanswered. Fascist terror is met with revolutionary violence.

Free Puerto Rico now!
Release the five Puerto Rican political prisoners in Yanki jails!