Comunicado Nº 5

Communique No. 5

On Saturday June 14, 1975, thousands of Puerto Ricans will be marching in the Puerto Rican Day Parade on state street. They will be protesting against poor education, bad housing, racism, police brutality, unemployment. In essence against the exploitation that they are subjected to on an every day basis.

In solidarity with the protest contingency we have undertaken the following bombing of Yank imperialist institutions; the United America Bank; First National Bank, and the United States Federal Building which houses various agencies of repression, ex. CIA, FBI, LEAA. Also, the Department of Immigration which at this time is trying to blame the failing economic system on our Chicano brothers and sisters. This agency is responsible for the massive deportation and repressive actions against our Chicano and Mexican workers.

These actions also demonstrate to the United States Government that the mobile guerrilla units of the FALN can hit anywhere in the United States.

Once again, we demand the immediate release of the four NATIONALIST PRISONERS being held in yanki jails, and the unconditional independence of PUERTO RICO.

We also want to express our solidarity with the victorious people of VIETNAM, CAMBODIA, and LAOS. Their victory is our victory!