Comunicado de la Comisión de Derechos Humanos del FMLN


The coordinator of the FMLN Commission for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in El Salvador denounced and condemned the government of Alfredo Cristiani and its Armed Forces for the wave of violence and terror unleashed against the Salvadoran people in spite of recent peace conversations between the delegations of the government and the FMLN in Mexico.

Partial information obtained by the FMLN Human Rights Commission indicate that between September 12th and 18th, 164 human rights violations were committed. During those seven days of attacks against the lives, security and physical integrity of the Salvadoran people, 149 people were arrested, seven were killed, two more people dissapeared, three attacks were carried out against the civilian population, two houses were broken into, and a demonstration of the FENASTRAS labor union was repressed.

The anti-popular and warlike policies of Alfredo Cristiani and his top military commanders were again aimed at the defenceless population, with the arrests of 73 union leaders, 51 campesinos, 123 health workers, 8 students, three other civilians and two journalists. Seven campesinos were killed and one is missing, as is a labor union leader.

To these violent government actions must be added the threats of greater repression expressed by the top military commands, exposing the real will of the regime to not respond positively to national problems. The repression unleashed during this period seriously contradicts President Cristiani's declarations that he is willing to find viable solutions to the Salvadoran conflict.

The FMLN Human Rights Commission calls on the international community to demand that the Cristiani government clarify the whereabouts of the missing people, end the repression and start real efforts as soon as possible with the FMLN for a negotiated solution to the conflict.

El Salvador, September 21st, 1989