Solidarity With The Kurdish-Turkish People And With The Peace Train!


From the Human Rights Commission of the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement, in the name of the men and women who from the Andes and the Peruvian Amazon aspire and struggle to achieve the peace with social justice that all human beings deserve.

The Kurdish people, like the Andean people, have suffered for many years colonial oppression against their culture and the right to free self-determination that belongs to them as to any other people of the world.

This was the understanding of the diverse human rights delegations of the "peace train", men and women who aspire to live in peace and harmony, respecting the decision of each human group to develop its own culture, language, and customs. The mobilization had a strictly peaceful character and its purpose was the search for a peaceful solution to the Kurdish question.

Nevertheless, the Turkish government, in a show of authoritarianism that has nothing to do with the democratic aspirations of its people, not only closed the possibilities of an attempt at peaceful solutions, but also, emulating fascist regimes or like that of the sadly famous Fujimori in Peru, has detained, mistreated, and heaped indignities on fighters for peace.

The Turkish government ought to keep in mind that authoritarianism leads to dictatorship and murder, which will isolate it like the Peruvian dictator Fujimori, who, following the horrible massacre in the residence of the Japanese ambassador, has touched bottom, repudiated by the Peruvian people and the international community and who has received demonstrations of repudiation from the peoples of the world.

We condemn the repression of the Turkish government against the peace train and those in solidarity with the Kurdish people, because it violates the most basic human rights of free association and expression. We reiterate our conviction that in this globalized world there remains to the poor of the world only the militant solidarity among ourselves.

Against Neo-Colonialism And Against Neo-Liberalism!
Solidarity And Internationalism With The Kurdish People!

Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA)
August 1997